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Raven Defence has over 40+ combined years of security experience and expertise and can design and execute a solution for your Security requirements.


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It is a pleasure to introduce RAVEN DEFENCE to you, our discerning clients. Our dedication is to assessing and mitigating risks to our clients through our individualized and tailored Solutions , ensuring that we prepare for, and respond to any threat to our clients, their families, their companies, their staff and/or their assets.

Beyond protection services, we aim to ensure that our clients business and personal lives can continue with as little impact as possible from any risk or threat.
Further, we always aim to enhance our protection services by taking a customer focused approach; providing additional operational support services to our clients beyond just their security and protection.

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Hospital Security

Security Training

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Raven Defence

Our mission is to provide superior cost effective solutions to ensure the safety and security of our clients’ property and businesses. We strive to improve the protection and safety of our clients so they can focus on their business.